I decided it was time to have a dedicated site for this Unit in which i served, for but a brief period between December 1961 and July 1962.

2 TROOP 1972-75


From Jack Hughes

It was taken in Dortmund Brakel Flakkazan.
I am seated on the second right. Dave Conlen is sat on the far right.
I don't remember the names of the other two people I'm afraid.
Jack Hughes

(George Ewing) with some of my lads up Mount Kent in 1984 working with the RAF, upgrading their installation along with the troop. My section were responsible for all the concrete work and fitting of the diesel tanks, along with some of the accommodation, spent 4 months up the mountain. 

Can anyone throw some light on the following
Mk1/2 ferret (00EA85)
It is being restored by one
Matt Mortenson
Follow up
History of a Ferret
My ferret is a Mk1/2 and it was built in October of 1962. It carries the VRN "00EA85" and was delivered to the 5th field squadron Royal Engineers (BAOR) on 01/63. It then went on to VSD M.Gladbach (BAOR) 06/30/77- 08/01/77. Subsequently it was sent to Old Depot, Antwerp (BAOR) 07/27/78 - 08/31/78.

The next units my ferret served in were artillery. The first was the 7th field regiment Royal Horse Artillery(BAOR) 08/29/80 - 10/06/80. The next (and last?) unit was the 4th field regiment Royal Artillery(BAOR) 03/26/84 - 04/06/85.
And finally S/O M/Gladbach 04/21/93 - 04/23/93.
Would it be correct to assume that 00EA85 served with the 5th from 01/63 to 06/30/77? That's a long time!
Matt Mortenson
Hank says thanks to Matt for this history and
It would be great to find the drivers of this vehicle so put your brains
into gear and come up with something

May 2015

Just seen your web site and the request about the history of Ferret 00EA85.
I can confirm that this was one of two ferrets that serving in 1Trp 5 Fd Sqn at Corruna Barracks Iserlohn in 1973 through to about 1976 when we converted to Spartans for recce vehicles. I had the pleasure of driving her for a few years.
Hope that helps.
Staff Sergeant Retired Kevin Street

September 2017
00EA85. Could this be the same Ferret that; as a young vehicle mechanic I had a number of my engineer colleagues pushing up and down the hill at Hameln (post my repairing it) in an attempt to bump start it, only to find the rotor arm in my pocket!! I think it could have been. Regards,
Graham Scott