Reunion 2012
The reunion details this year are--
Brixham, Devon

18th 19th 20th MAY

For further details contact
Sean Brophy

Or webmaster via
contact me link


  1. My name is Chris Richardson and a former WO1 in the Royal Engineers and served with 5 Fd Sqn from 14 September 1965 to 11 May 1969 in Paderborn. Regretfully I only just recently turned up your annual reunion details and by looking at some of the names you have listed it would have been a good opportunity to meet up again.....sadly due to my wifes ill health, I have not been able leave the area of Farnborough in Hampshire. Nevertheless this should change for the better very shortly - none of us are getting any younger and it would be great to see some old faces and see what they have been doing these past 40 something years? My contact details are: email address is with telephone 01252 659203 and mobile 07831 724408....over and out this Thursday, 16 April 2009.

  2. Hi, Taff Roberts (1975-1979) again. Do you realise that re-unions for the period 1972-1980 have been held for years. Unfortunately, due to ill-health, I have not been actively involved. Contact I have is a Mr Roy Griffin (Bob Hook's clerk). Been to a couple - bleeding great !

  3. Hi Taff if you contact me via the contact hank link and let me have your email phone number i will be pleased to chat.

  4. Hi Hank

    Some good news for you regarding your 5 Fd Sqn RE web site !

    You may remember that some time ago (probably March this year) Geoff Hyland calling you for my contact details - he had seen my name in connection with the photos re the Sqn's first deployment to N. Ireland.

    Geoff contacted me and we had a very long chat and then we agreed to meet up in the future and, as these things happen, we were travelling north for our hols in the general direction of where Geoff & Rosie live - so the reunion took place in July. It was a very happy (not to mention emotional) occasion.

    Also Vic (Alf) Garnett called me last night (1 Sep) he too had been in touch with Geoff and has subsequently met up with Geoff & Rosie - but I'll leave that bit of the story for them to relate; again, we had a long chat and we have agreed to meet up in the future.

    When I originally thought (approx. two years ago ? can't remember when I first contacted you) to do a word search for anything connected with the old Sqn I never thought I'd find much, so it was a real pleasure to come across your web site - but never did I expect to be contacted by 'old' colleagues - I'm still reeling from the shock!

    So 'success' is yours my friend - keep up the good work!

    Kind regards

    Bernie Holden

  5. HI TO ALL EX 5 FIELD MEMBERS AND ANYONE WHO WILL REMEMBER ME IN PARTICULAR. My name is David Poole, I was known as mucky poole (worked in vehicle workshops) in Paderborn 1962 till 1965/6 when I was then badly injured in an rta. Moved from a german hosptal to BMH Rinteln where I was basically saved. Eventually cas e vacked back to blighty to the Royal Herbert Hosp in Woolwich, then later a long time at rehabilitation in Chester. I would love to hear from any of the lads that knew me, and want to hear more from anybody about reunians, etc. I am happy to say that once the army decided I couldnt remain except if I stayed in the uk (no chance all b. s---! I went on to marry and now retired dote on my grandkids, I am still prone to the odd one over the eight though!! I was so lucky, those that know me will know that my friend Ben Lean who was REME didnt make it. Please contact me at I wait with baited breath

  6. Hi I am Chelsea and you were just at the Brixham Conservative Club. I am sending this email because one of your men has left a bottle of whisky here. He went over for a meal on Sunday and never came back for it. It was not Alex it was the other one, maybe someone called Barry who sat at the top with three ladies. Please let me know who to send it to. My emal is I hope you all arrived home safely and we hope to see you all again another year. Take care Chelsea x

  7. My name is Chelsea, the vice-chairman of the Brixham Conservative Club, and as such on behalf of myself and the club I would like to thank you all for making our club come alive with your repartee, sense of humour and songs from all four counties. We always enjoy the weekend and we hope you all had a good time as well. Please keep safe and well till we meet again, we love you all. Chelsea xx


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