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Addy David 1966-1970 on Friends Reunited
Appleyard Eddie 1967-72
Arden John 1969-73 Mt S/sgt
Ashworth Frank 3 troop 1952-55
Barclay Alex 1959-61
Bartlett Derek smokey 1959-61
Bergin Jeff 1959-1961
Berry Eric chuck 2 troop 1963-66
Bertuccelli Arthur Jock. 1959-61 R.I.P 2006
Blyth Andrew 1980-84
Blyth Richard 1983-86
Boardman Stan 1959-1961
Boyle Edward RAPC 1972-1975 (PHOTOS)
Bradley Stephen Brad 1975-79 on friends reunited
Brophy Sean. 1960-1963
David Charlie Brown 1960-68 3 troop signals store
Brown Steve 1973-77 3 troop spell in 1 troop
Bundock George Royal Signals Attached 1964-68
Burgin Michael 1965-66
Carter Nick 1963-67
Caldwell Bob 1 troop 1973-76
Chadwick Terry 1960-1962
Chapman Mark 3 troop 1968-72
Chave Gordon 2 I/C dortmund to iserlohn to paderborn
Chudley Ivor 1959-61
Clement David HQ MT 1975-78
Clough Trevor 1965-68
Collins Patrick 1960-62
Coupe John Cpl from May 70 till Sep 72
Crawford Jim Brummy 1963-1968
Crooke Mike 1961-63
Dainty Phil (Pip) 1978-82
Davis Bob. 1960-61
Davis Maurice, i was in paderborn 1965-1971 was in 2 troop
Davies Paul 1973-74 Bomb disposal
Dawes Michael also in HQ 1966-1970
Dent David 1959-1960
Dunaway Al 1 Tp 1988-92
Easley Ian  support troop c3s now cis jan 2002 - apr 2007
Elder Andy died 4 years ago
Etheridge Ray 1975-78
Ewing George 1984+?
Falconer John (paddy) 1978-81 M.T.S/Sgt
Falconer Roy 1973-75
Flanagan Sean 1974-79 2 TP HQ MT
Fortunato Albert 1979-83 3 troop  (PHOTOS)  (PHOTOS)
Frame Ron 1959-1961 await contact details
Fraser Lyndon (George) 1959-64 plus 1966-70
Garnett Victor 1971-1975
Gilbert Paul 1974-1975
Ginnelly Al (gin) 1984-87
Gotts David 1960-1962 mainly in officers mess played football with Stan Boardman
Granger George 1961-63 HQ troop
Haydock John 1980s
Heath Jim. 1959-61
Herbert Robert 1964-1967
Higgins David Satch 1959-64
Hitchin Ken ?
Holden Bernard 1972-75
Honey Stanley (Ned) 1959-61 R.I.P 1961
Horne Brian 1974-76
Horstead Henry, 1963-65 1 troop
Howell Albert Taff 3 troop 1979-82
Howells Rowland 1981-83 3 tp
Hughes Jack 1957-59
Hughes Tony 1973-80
Hyland Geoff 1971-74 2 troop
Jackson Barry 1960-62
Johns Tim 1985-87 2 troop
Johnson Dave 1961-64
Johnston Les 1975-78
Jones Alan 1975-78 MT Cpl
Jones Carl 1982-84
Lacey Mark 1985-88  (PHOTOS)
Lancaster Derek 1957-59
Lankshear David 1956-1959 Dortmund Iserlohn
Lawrence Hank dec 1961 july 62
Liddicoat Tony 1981-83
Lindsay Alastair 1982-85 please contact hank with contact details
Lloyd John 1966-1967 REME attached
Lockwood Barry 1960-62
Long Alfie. 1962-68
Lownes Robert R.I.P mid 1980s
Maslin Bob HQ 1 TP 1977-79
Mather Ken 3 Tp 1972-76 I ran the Naafi discos with Kev Highfield. email
Mayes Roger 1963-70 HQ
Metcalf Alan. 1964-1968
Mitchell Barry 1960-61
McGillivray (Donny Mac) 1985-89
Molloy Ron 1964-67 on FB
Moran Dave ginge 1980-82
Muir Tommy 1970-74 3 troop
Mursell Dennis 1947-49 
Muxlow Roy 1962-1966
Napier Gerald Commanding Officer 1967-69
Newman Bill 1967-69
Norman Jack 1959-61
Page John taff 1965-68 2 troop
Parker Dicky 1975-79
Pass Sid 1975-78
Pateman Steve 1967-70
Pearce Simon 1972-75 HQ and 2 Tp
Pledger Clive. I served in 2 troop 5 fld sqd 26 ENG REGT at Corunna bks ISERLOHN  1975-81
Poole mucky David VW 1962-66
Potts Kevin 1959-61
Poulter Malcolm 1966-69 Planty
Reid Robert 1989-93
Reynolds Paddy Mt 1974 -1978 under Davy Jones and Mick Harness
Richardson Chris 1965-69
Roberts Robbo 1966- 1970
Robinson Keith 1959-61 3 troop
Rose David 1966-69 on FR
Rotherham Bob 2 Tp 1964-67
Salisbury Peter 1970-1974
Sanderson Sandy 1986-92 MT HQ
Share John. 1959-60
Sheppard Richard taffy 1965-70
Shorrocks Ian 1986-91 2 Troop
Smaller Stan SQMS 1953-58
Smith Andrew 2 Tp 1972-75
Smith Eddie 3 troop 1962-65
Smith Rob 1982-85 1 troop await contact details
Smyth Raymond 1968-71
Spears Dennis (formerly King) 1970-75 2 troop
Stillwell Adrian 1987-89 I served with 5 Sqn at Iserlohn as a Planty and Driver
Street Kevin 1 Troop 1973-76+ drove Ferret 00EA85 for a few years
Summers Alan 1959-61
Sutton John Derek 1961-69  nick name jimmy dean given by baz jackson 3troop mt nco then hq troop remember muxlow taf bundock jock sokowlowsky
Swindail Chris 1983-86
Testa Tony 1960-64
Thatcher Phil 1968 I went to Paderborn in Nov 1968 and moved on to Iserlohn
Turner Michael 1960-61
Vaughan Derek 1969-74
Walker Mick 1983-88
Warren John. 1960-61
Warrender Ian HQ Troop 77-78
Watson Ralph (Winker) 2 Tp 1966-69 Passed 29 December 2011
Wharton Chris HQ tp from 83-89
Wheaton Kev 1984-91
Wilkes Chris 1975-78
Williams Donnie 3 tp 1970-74
Williams Mike 1976-80
Winter Steve 1978-1979
Woollatt Geoff OC 1969-70
Yeomans Steve 1970-1973
Young Dave jock 2 troop 1980-87


  1. i am looking to hear from people who may have served with David James Degan, 1977-1981, carruna barracks, royal engineers. email

  2. hi.
    my names norman webb,even though i was not a member of 5sqdn but 2nd sqdn we were both part of 23 fld eng regt based at napier barracks dortmund,i was there from 1953-56 the cre.was a lt.col.carr who i believe was canadian. the rsm.was wo1 watson mm.the rqms was wo2 blackman who was also an instructor in the wireless school,it always seemed strange to me that we could never get any reception around moene see we could never get the 19 set into the bar.also
    people who took part in winter warfare training may remember the ski hut which we built at winterberg next to the open air ice rink,used to warm up in the old church of scotlands,DEW DROP INN.maybe a few older ones amongst us will remember the old wishes norman. w

  3. Alastair Lindsay 5 Fd Sqn RE 1982-85

  4. Ian Warrender HQ Troop 77-78

  5. I am Malcolm Poulter and I Served from 66 - 69 at Paderbourn and then moved down to Iselohn. Finished in 92 after 26 years having reached the dzzy heights of WO2, not bad for a "Planty"

    1. hi malcolm my name is phil thatcher i served there at thos times

  6. I am Taff Howells served with the Sqn from 81 - 83. Looking for people who served with me.

  7. I am Roy Falconer and server with 5 Fld Sqn in Iserlohn from 1973 to 1975. Searching for people who served with me

  8. Roy, I was with 5 Fld Sqd from 1971 - 1974, I can't remember which troop that I served with but we went to NI Londonderry in 73 and Canada the same year.

    It would be great to hear from you.
    Vic Garnett 24213999

  9. I am Mark Chapman - 24085420, posted to 3 troop, 5 squadron Nov 1968, Paderborn. 1969 Libya - Battle Run, Bavaria, Norway, Moved to Iserlohn, RSME, NI, posted Longmore UK Jan 72. (not all in exact order)
    Names on list I think I recognise: Peter Salisbury, Gosforth Castle NI 1970? John Coupe - Cortina 1600E?
    Does anyone remember Johnnie Fisher, Mike Fizer?

    1. Johnnie Fisher (cuddles) was my best mate till I left in 1968 (I think)

      Les (George) Grant - MT Troop

    2. i remember all of them

      pronto 2

    3. how is the hamester

    4. Mark,not sure I can put a face to your name, however I was at Paderborn in 1969 then moved to Iserlohn. I remember Johnnie Fisher (STOCKY GUY). John Coupe had a Gold coloured 1600E. We went out with a couple of young ladies (Irish Rangers daughters )for several months. I also went to NI 1971 & also in 1973. I played soccer for the regiment and was dragged across to Tidworth to play for the Core team. i loved my time in Germany & bought myself out in 1974...Derek Vaughan ( MT section ) would you remember John Kako or Mike Burgess ( ginger )? both very good freinds of mine. ( )

    5. my name is phil thatcher 24133785 served at paderborn then went to iserlohn and went to NI at Gosford Castle.
      when at paderborn i worked mainly in Ferret scout car shed

    6. does anyone remember Black Jack at Iserlohn?

    7. Hi Mark,

      I was also at Paderborn in 1969 and then helped squadron move to Iserlohn. I remember Pete Salisbury. He was my troop L/C then corporal. I remember Derek Vaughan as well with the long sideburns. And John Kako and Ging Burgess. I know that Colin Howell who also played soccer in same team as Derek Vaughan,is in Canada now as a welder. Married with 2 children. I still have the photo of the soccer team who played against the prison guards at the maze in 1971. Derek Vaughan was in it, and Colin Howell, Titch Lietch and many others. I have the names on the photo. Takes me some time to remember all the names of the guys I served with, but good to see some of them on here. Tommy Muir is another from Iselohn. I remember Black Jack and the song we made up about him.
      Those were good times and looking back I wish I had kept in contact with all of you guys, but new life in civvy street trying to make ends meet after I left 5 field, my attention was elsewhere. Andy blue nose McKay,and L/C Billy Fitzpatrick. Takes me back.

      Take care all of you.

      SPR Don Williams.

  10. Yes Mark 5 Fd Sqn does still exist at,
    22 Eng Rgt Perham Down Tidworth.

  11. clive pledger
    served in HQ troop and 2 troop 5 fd sqd from 1975 to 1979.
    would love to get to a reunion sometime.

  12. Dave (Jock) Young. Arrived Iserlohn end of 1980, and spent 7 years in 2 tp 5 Fld Sqn RE . I still live in Germany.

  13. Hi Dave will add you to roll call but need your contact details please. Use contact me link above left

  14. Bob Maslin HQ troop then 1 troop 1977-1979, Paderborn. Drove APC 432 and radio op.

  15. Simon Pearce HQ Troop & 2 Troop, 5 Fld Squadron 1972 - 1975 (NI '73 & '74). Looking for Stewart Taylor of 25 Fld Sq, 66 Plnt Sq, '73 POM course Chatham

  16. 5 field sqn does not exist as it was... its now 5 armored engineer sqn, changed in 2007 just after telic 10.

    Dean Boyd 1 troop 5 sqn 2003-2007

  17. Hello Dean, please contact me via the contact Hank link and i will add you to the roll call.
    Also thanks for the info

  18. Arthur Turner 23601244,sapper driver B3/instructor.Arrived in Germany Dec 1960 to 5 F.S. from Longmoor, not the Railway Sec. with around ten of us from No4 Aldershot, based in the old Suez nissen huts looking after AER/TA fortnight camps.Left Paderborn 21 Nov 1960.Made some outstanding friends.

  19. Hi, I'm Dennis Spears (formerly KIng)(24179911) and I served with 2 Troop, 5 Fd Sqn at Corunna Barracks from 1970 to 1975. Did several tours in NI, plus Canada, Norway and Berlin during this period. Must admit this was one of the best tours I ever did. Ended my career after 23 years in 1992 having served in Waterbeach 1977-1978, Ripon 1975-1977, Nepal 1981-1983, Nienburg 1978-1981 & 1983-1985, Chattenden 1983-1984, Falkland Islands 1990-1992, Northern Ireland 1985-1988, HQ MWF Chilwell 1988-1990 All in all I had a great time, but I believe my best time was with 5 Fd Sqn. Can anyone remember these other 5 Sqn members John Roy, Clint Walker, Denis Penelver, Dave Cameron, Mick Wigan, Tich Ford, John Brooks, John Hickey, Spider Webb, George Bumblby, Scouse Burden, Bob Sherriff?????????

    1. HI Dennis. I remember you well and most of those you have named, add Steve Lilobaski. Steve Hoare, Guss Gunn, I served in 2 troop from 72 to 75. did Londonderry and Canada, Ottenstien and Stadtoldendorf. Have good memorys of Iserlohn. I ran the SQ bar for about 6 months Good times.
      Andy Smith

  20. Welcome Dennis Spears please contact me and i will add you to roll call. use contact hank link

  21. Hi, I'm Ronald (Ron) Frame,Spr 23536417 served with 5 Fld Sqd at Iserlohn and Paderborn 1959 to 1961. Anyone know the name of the barracks ?

  22. Hi Ron welcome please contact me with contact hank above as i will need some sort of contact details when i add you roll as the idea is to help you all make contact.
    best wishes

  23. Hi, Taff Roberts served at Iserlohn 1975-1979 with 5 Sqn. Bloody marvellous time !!

  24. Hello you Guy's
    I am Dave Ravey, I was in 26 FST, a Planty, we did all 5 and 25 dirty work. Was at Iserlohn 72-74. I did Driver training for the wives Club, while 5 was in NI. My claim to Fame. I taught Black Jack Vowles wife to drive. He was really pissed off. Finished as a Staffy. Drop me a line if we've met.

  25. Dodds Paddy 73-80 5fld sqd

  26. Adrian "Stilly" Stillwell Served with 5 Sqn from 87-89

  27. Mel Vasey HQ and 1 troop 72 to 75 N.I.and Canada

  28. I find that several of you are leaving these comments without contacting me with your contact details so making it impossible for me to put you in touch with each other.
    Use contact me link
    Hank Lawrence

  29. Hi Dennis Spears, I am Tommy Devlin 24179680 and I remember some of the lads you mentioned. I served with you in 5 field sqn 1970-72 in Paderborn and Izerlohn we also went to, Canada (Medicine Hat) and NI (Cosford castle). We also went to Berlin to (Smuts Bks) to do work at RAF Gatow.and made a day trip to East Berlin war memorial sites like Treptow park, the New Guard building the Bunker, Chalottenberg Palace etc.

  30. 5/23
    Stan Smaller. SQMS 5 Fd Sqn, Napier Barracks,
    Dortmund May 1953 to May 1958.
    Anyone out there still hanging on ?
    E Mail

  31. ALAN JONES 5 Sqn MT Cpl Iserlohn 1975-1978

  32. Before I left in 2006, I was in contact with a lad who was a Sapper in 2 Troop in about 1983, he went on to become the OC of 5 Sqn in Tidworth in about 2004/5. not bad going really.

    Trev Andrew
    Ex 3tp 5fld sqn RE
    26 Engr Regt
    Corunna Bks
    Troopy Fawcett,Staff Charlesworth then Staff Headley, Sgt Eyres, Cpls Blue Crow,Al Prescott,Dougie Naismith,Keith Crocker,Ginge kay to name a few!
    REgards n REspect to all.

  34. Ken Mather
    I was 3 troop 5 squadron from 72 -76
    I ran the Naafi discos with Kev Highfield.

  35. Best wishes to all

    Photos at...

    Sgt Eddie Boyle, Sqn Pay Clerk 1972-75
    Again 1981-83 as Pay Office WO2

  36. Rob Smith [1982-1985] ish. 1 Troop,remember staffy G2 Wilkinson i can still hear him shouting HA. The section photo in the Falklands - jock Proven.jock Gorden.Taff Williams .Eric Bristow .Good Times.

  37. I search for may mother:
    Dennis Devany, Devanny oder Dewane. She can´t remeber exactly.
    He served at Iserlohn, Aldershot Baraacks anround 1960 and later at Paderborn.


  38. Hi
    Gareth Sanderson (Sandy) served with 5sqn from 86 to 92 with MT, HQ Trp.
    Best years and mates of my life :)
    Sapper til i die
    Be nice to hear from sold old friends :)

  39. Hi Andy Smith...good to hear from you. I recall you working in the sqn bar and the many drunken happy hours we had (start Fri and finish whenever. Truly great time by all.......

  40. Hi Tommy Devlin....what have you been up to all these years...please get in

  41. SAPPER DAVID (CHARLIE) BROWNOctober 16, 2012 at 6:44 PM


    hi..does anyone remember me i wonder. Trained and was a signaller from 1960 with 3 Troop,5 Field Sqn.ran the Signal store with Dave Dent until he left the unit and carried on with the same job till 1968,
    went from B3 sigs to RSI and lost my first Tape under a cloud at the Exercise where we built a Triple /Triple bailey brig.I think the Exercise was called QUEEN COBRA I remember that WO2 Fritz Conway was the SSM at the time and my premotion to full screw crossed in the postwith my reduction down to Spr.I had a few too many when i was called off of Vehicle Control with my A41 and was odered to take the names of anyone who couldnt pay for a hair downfall was being placed with the barber who kept buying me a Scnapps and Beer ...We were based in thelocal Guesthouse
    Just my luck....Would like to contact Spr SCOUSE DEACON and Spr TAFF HUNT (my best man)

  42. Hello everyone,my name is chris Wharton I was with HQ tp from 83-89.I spent 6 month's with 3 tp in the Falkland's in 83/84.Met some good lad's throughout the whole sqn.REspect to all.

  43. Welcome Chris Wharton please contact me via contact link above so i have an email address at least.

  44. Correction from Chris Wharton
    Hello Hank.I submitted some info about 5 fld serving in the Falkland's as the last BAOR sqn it was from 84/85 and not as I put 83/84 my apologie's.

  45. hi im Kenny Malone served there from 1964-1967 remember alfie long

    1. jock malone,i wonder do you remember me, taff page

  46. hi im Kenny Malone I served with 5field squadron between 1964-1967 I remember alfie long Kenny Malone


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