This section is for names and any details you may have
for ex members of the Sqn that you wish to find.
(Blanco White) if your out there get in touch ?
Hank,I,ve kept this list to names with a first name and a town or city. They were all in 2 trp 5 fld sqn
between 1965 and 1968.
I hope they prove useful to you Regards John page

John Mayfield Chappletown Sheffield
Kevin Cunningham Liverpool
John Knowles Hyde Cheshire
John Daly Bradford
Paul Mcleod Daggenham romford
Patrick O,doherty Londonderry
Derek Warburton Birmingham
Tom Acton Newcastle
Michael Sullivan merthyr Tydfil
Gavin Atkinson Hull
Billy Hansford Bristol
Paul Kelly Somerset
Denis Riordan Reardon ?? Caherconlish Ire
Keith Wittingham Lancs
Joe Hollis London
Bob Rotherham Plymouth
John Borthwick Newcastle

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